Friday, December 15, 2006


They're making a broadway musical of Xanadu!!!

Starring Magdalena Kozena!!! (not really. but they are making a musical.) And Thomas Hampson!!!

I'm going to look like the world's biggest hypocrite for finding this exciting after whining about pre-fab musicals like The Wedding Singer, but if you've ever seen Xanadu, maybe you'll understand. Because unlike middlebrow, ephemeral but acceptable nothings like High Fidelity, Xanadu is utter crap! "Exuberantly idiotic and wrong," said one critic (me). "Divinely sincere in its embarassing missteps," said another (still me.)

It has its own music. And it's by E.L.O.! It has a crazy number where an old Andrews Sisters type number has to share the stage with that crazy 80's "Rock and Roll" sound, so it's kind of like Ariadne auf Naxos that way. It's fool-proof. Like a musical of, I don't know, Carrie.


Gregory said...

At laaahhhast!

I was jusy listening to "I'm Alive" earlier today. I never gave up on Xanadu. The script is totally pointless. It may make a great musical.

Chalkenteros said...


You have no idea how happy that pic makes me.

Xanadu = Ariadne auf naxos, lol!

meretrice i. d'oscena said...

When are the auditions? I may be too old for the part, but nobody sings 'Suddenly' better than I do.
ONJ was my first diva crush- saw X in the theater twice and have owned the Xanadu soundtrack in every format since 8-track.
And as they say on a boy never forgets his first love.

Man, when ONJ was in town, and she launched into her Xanadu set, I practically set the sprinkler system off. I think I may have had my own purple aura.

Anonymous said...

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