Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okay so there is ONE surprise

At least I'm surprised, and as much as I tell myself it'd be more fun to learn of the new season all at once (as in olden days) I can't stop myself from looking into the crystal ball over the course of the season. What the crystal ball failed to mention that is faintly amusing is that next year will apparently be...your chance to hear Kiri te Kanawa bellow "he's on the BOBSLED TEAM!" I don't mean to be critical but she's not known for her irrepressible way with a punchline, is she?

You've read about the season elsewhere already. It sounds pretty good without being vastly exciting, right?


Sarah said...

But she is very good at being haughty and fabulous in a way which some (John Farnham, half of New Zealand) find offensive and some (like me) find utterly beguiling.

armerjacquino said...

Hmm. Her Elvira at CG was quite funny, in a camp kind of way. I have a suspicion she might just pull this one off.