Saturday, July 18, 2009

frank martin--->lulz

Maury: poulenc + strauss/2=martin?
Maury: i think i mean mahler, not strauss
DSJ: maybe more Berg?
Maury: right on.
DSJ: he sprinkles his elegant neoclassicism with tone-rows.
Maury: it feels more immediately listener-friendly than berg
DSJ: yeah definitely
Maury: sorry, i actually really hate the game of "one hears echoes of puccini in the score." i am always turned off by reviews that do that.
DSJ: Well, you know, he's Swiss, so half French and half Austrian is about right
Maury: genau
Maury: great, i put "vin" and "herbe" in the search window and carla fucking bruni comes up
DSJ: Carla fucking Bruni fucking Sarkozy!
Maury: or vice versa
Maury: argh, it turns out i like her cover of "you belong to me." I am not sure how I feel about this.
DSJ: I wonder if... was it Nathan Gunn's??? Tom Waits cover is on YouTube
Maury: what is this from?!
Maury: oh right
Maury: pass
DSJ: omgomgomg
DSJ: (WHAT?????)
Maury: hee hee hee hee hee
Maury: “Please don't ask questions to which the answers can be found on this site.”
Maury: [redacted]: not on the site.
Maury: oh nevermind, it's under "concise biography"
DSJ: how can I not send obscene mail to Mme Martin
Maury: oh nevermind again, that says 12 tone


Anonymous said...

It the Wellsungs with masters degrees!

Gavin Plumley said...

Ah... good exchange. Though Mr Martin is as plural as his nationality. The Mass for Double Choir is sublime (especially in the Gramophone award winning Westminster Cathedral recording).

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