Friday, December 25, 2009

Alas. It's my old tradition to post on holidays when everything is closed but I'm currently (oh, don't ask why) on a bus, trying to drown out R&B with Yo La Tengo as we wind our way along state roads. Right, and praying for death. That too. But I have nothing in my head that's fit to post. Happy whatever. "Happy day off," as a friend of mine says.


rapt said...

Thanks, Maury. I hope this sole comment (so far) doesn't qualify me as a cyberstalker; but, though I did spend much of the day in the bosom (if not bosoms) of family (and am now, thank God, home with just my partner--the one I actually LIKE!), I do want to thank you for your characteristic humanity in making a home in the airwaves or radiowaves or whatever these are for all who might still be seeking one.

Onkle Greifenklau said...


I love Yo La Tengo as well! Are you listening to the new album?

Anonymous said...

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