Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well clearly I didn't go to Aida. I managed to get too old to stand without an income to match my decrepitude. It's not like I can't stand for four hours but doing so and enjoying myself don't so much happen simultaneously anymore.

And now the decision is whether to go lean on the old velvet what-you-may-call-it for the duration of Cosi. I am told Tuesday is the last A-cast Cosi, and really I have come to like Kozena (once I got over my suspicions of singers who are that hot.) Plus all I know of Deshorties is that one nightmarish broadcast of The Best Little Whorehouse in Ankara. I've since heard she's better in other rep, but Fiordiligi isn't exactly other rep. Less florid, no d's, and really was the most aggressively awful singing I've heard from that august stage.

In far more exciting news, I was emailed not the expected Podles Cieca scena, but instead the Seattle Siegfried Erda. The vocal majesty of it is not something I feel up to describing right now.

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Nick said...

You are the fattest most worst bitch.