Friday, October 28, 2005

more links

And I've added Standing Room, which I stumbled upon via Trrill (which I guess I'm not linking because it's not really about opera anymore.) Lately Standing Room looks to be much about Doctor Atomic, which makes Maury just a wee bit jealous*, as there's nothing new and out there to blog about here that I can think of offhand. Ariane probably would have been interesting that way [No, I know it's not new, but it had that certain buzz on it] but it takes a lot to drag me to the State Theater, and honestly though we hear good things these days, Renate Behle was an early cypher in my opera-going career, a Fidelio about which all I can remember is she didn't fill the hall so very well.

La Cieca's intros for Unnatural Acts are hilarious lately. I'm trying to think what it was that made me laugh out loud today, but I'll have to wait until Ms. Behrens is done having her bad dream to go back and listen. See now, Behrens. That's a singer who can sound desperate, haunted, etc. The things I want a lot of the time. And no, it's not that I require a craggy, screamy voice for these--my gold standard in the scene is Steber...

Ok, what was so funny: describing the three brothers in FrOSch as "the one eyed, the one-armed, and the....lactose intolerant."

I just put a picture from DV's website of her in the Carsen production of FrOSch. That's not, like, illegal, right? I know fuck-all about intellectual property law, so note to people who own things: please do not be with the suing. Gimme a holler if I've posted something I shouldn't have and it'll vanish.

*though, truth to tell, it's not certain I would have gone, if I lived on the other coast. The disappointment of LHL cancelling might have kept me away. On the other hand, a certain ex-boyfriend probably would have strangled me had I skipped it, in this hypothetical other universe wherein I live in California.

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