Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everyone else is doing it...

Somewhat in the vein of those old Opera-L threads where we all cast the opera versions of, I don't know, Brokeback Mountain (which would obviously involve the male leads from American Tragedy while I'm on the topic) and with a tip of the hat to Nick and the Wellsungs, I present the following.
JSU: i was kicking around the idea of an all-russian cast of this
Maury: ha
JSU: 'an unamerican tragedy'
Maury: diadkova=mom?
JSU: of course!
JSU: starring hvoro, of course
Maury: he's too old
JSU: doesn't matter
JSU: pretty
Maury: sort of.
JSU: he's a similar combo to gunn
JSU: not very loud, good looking
JSU: good sound
JSU: though hvoro has better breath, etc
Maury: gunn has better pecs, so it's a draw.
JSU: evseeva as roberta
Maury: borodina is inevitable as sondra i guess.
JSU: yes....
JSU: not sure about the light tenor
Maury: yeah neither am i
JSU: for the uncle, galooooosin
Maury: galuzin* as the father i guess.
Maury: hee
JSU: and
Maury: uncle, whatever
JSU: netrebko!
JSU: as the cousin
Maury: oh, in the upshaw role?

JSU: yes

Maury: jesus, that was easy casting.

JSU: yes

JSU: maybe guryakova for evseeva if you want to go all-kirov
JSU : Guryakova has a not-huge voice but good dramatically...was v. good in Mazeppa

Maury: i've never heard either

Maury: oh no no no Prokina

JSU: oh?

JSU: what was she in?

Maury: i saw her a hundred years ago in kat'a in dallas. intense. only problem is she's perhaps not plain enough.

JSU: hee

*de-Gallicizing the transliteration of his name is a tic of mine. Sue me.

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Greg said...

You're such a geek! I adore you.

I'll have you know that I just dug out the cast list from that Zambello War and Peace I saw in Paris to find the name of the Bez(o)ukhov, in order to satisfy your need for a Russian lighter tenor. Alas, I discovered that the role was sung by a German, Michael K├Ânig.