Thursday, February 09, 2006

More reviews from my vast network of cellular informants

A reader who dissed my last limerick
Informs me by means of Sony-Eric-
sson text message Gruber's
more "gruesome" than super
(though Olga is "awesome" wie immer) ick!

I really, really do not have the knack. In other news that I was given confidentially but now may disclose because it's more or less public (well, if you're a subscriber it is) Alexandrina Pendatchanska returns to City Opera next season as Elena in La Donna del Lago. Must shop for bells, on with which there to be.


Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of Radam├Ęses: Johan was Botha.

Anonymous said...

Pendatchanksa, though, is singing Elena. I'm still not sure if the very exciting mezzo I'm hoping for will be the Malcolm but my fingers are crossed.

Maury D'annato said...

Jeez, me with the mistakes this week.

But in the spirit of petty vengeance, may I in turn correct you by pointing out that the correct plural is Radameseseseses?

Paul said...

Huh ... and here I thought the plural was Radami?

Ariadne said...

How about: "Must shop for bells, to be (seen) there wearing (prominently)." I dunno. English is a profoundly stupid language.

[And now that I've spent 3 full minutes wrestling with that one (minutes, with which I was fully wrestling...? arrgh), I think the whole phrase might be better in German, using "wessen" somehow. Or maybe not.]

A simple "kotoriye" phrase would work quite nicely in Russian, though!

Ariadne said...

sorry. make that "minuti, s'koroimyi ..."