Friday, February 10, 2006

See, that's actually a hilarious idea for blogfodder. Presupposing some imaginary dreamland in which I'm not instantly creeped out by the idea of very liberally giving out my phone number, I publish it en blogge and then you all text message me reviews from whatever you're seeing. Whereupon I take inexcusable liberties with your words and publish them for all to see. All fourteen or so to see. Yes. So not gonna happen.

Maybe it's time to expand the blogroll a bit, as I've stumbled upon some amusing ones. Merely linking for now: the opera yenta tells us "How Internet Opera makes me a better Jew..."; the solidly written, rather serious and daringly named Opera Blog; and because anyone who likes Bruckner and Boulez must be, well...smarter than me, The Penitent Wagnerite. Enough for now. Click in good health.


Joy Fleisig said...

How sweet! THANK YOU!!!!!

Joy Fleisig "The Opera Yenta"

(Although if I don't catch up with all my way-behind posts, I'll be...I forgot what the opposite of a yenta is in Yiddish!)

Paul said...

Thanks ever so much for the link! BTW, I think the opposite of a "yenta" is a "balabusta," but I'll have to check my Rostens just to make sure.

Ariadne said...

don't you don't love me anymore, Maury ...?

she pouts prettily
; )

Joy Fleisig said...

Sorry Paul, "balabusta" is not the opposite of "yenta". A yenta is someone who talks and talks and won't shut up, usually an old woman and usually a nasty gossip (which I am not). A balabusta (feminine of balabus, from Hebrew baal-ha-bayit "master of the house")is either a female business owner/manager or the wife of a male business/owner or manager (especially in a jointly run business), or in the most common usage nowadays a really fabulous homemaker, the kind whose floor you could eat off of. So you can be both a yenta AND a balabusta, although I admit it's not likely.

(I was thinking in terms of somebody very shy and quiet who never talks - not sure what that is in Yiddish - I get most of mine from Rosten's, too!)