Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why, we could fix up this old barn and put on Rienzi!

Ok, somebody please post about "The Debbie & Ben Show" and put me out of my misery. All I have to go on at present is two short text message reviews. I feel like I probably missed a buzz laden event, it just...didn't sound like that much fun. I figured if I did go, I'd enjoy one or two things and feel like a chump for blowing the cash; and I didn't go, I'd hear later on that they'd done the Dawn Duet and Act II scene ii from Turandot as encores and I'd have to put my head in the oven.


JSU said...

Perhaps relative silence because the new Voigt still isn't what she (vocally) was? The top's as loud as ever if not louder but spreading a bit, with a beat I don't remember from the old days. The middle went from interestingly ripply-and-watery (Fidelio) to so-so (Siegfried) but is definitely leaner than old Voigt's.

Heppner sounded granitic. Maybe we can stop worrying about him.

Still, the Tristan duet was memorably done -- not least for Wray, who has this wonderful dark chocolate/velvet sound. But the principals played off each other marvellously as well. This didn't happen in Siegfried, probably because of its relative unfamiliarity (I believe it was the only part for which Heppner used the score).

Maury D'annato said...

Thanks, don't let this stop you from reviewing it on your own blog!

I'm not so much worried about Heppner as bored by him, I'm afraid.

Ok and you know I'm gonna ask: how did Voigt look?