Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In which the vaults are opened

Yegods. Read the Times. Trust me, you'll know which article. I feel quite faint.

Later edit, under the rubric of "Maury's really good at finding the dark cloud behind the silver lining": I have to admit it's been fun having to hunt for Met broadcast recordings. And maybe am a tiny bit preemptively nostalgic about the days (i.e. now) when it's a big deal that I have some of the stuff I do. I remember finding the Corelli/Farrell Gioconda at the used record store in Denton, Texas and feeling like I'd really scored. I drove back to Dallas with the adrenaline rush of transporting contraband. (Had to be the opera. Dallas does not so much provoke reactions of happiness, and I say this as a loyal Texan, loyal despite everything.) So while I'm delirious with joy thinking about some of the 40's and 50's bounty perhaps soon to be grasped like low-hanging fruit, I'm also...well, I don't want to sound like one of those old school homosexuals who's nostalgic for the days when you had to know where the bars were, but yeah, I'll miss the hunt a little.


Canadian Basso said...

I know what you mean. On the other hand, I have all sorts of great recordings that are non-Met broadcasts, so those will still be great to hunt for and cherish.

Also, all I'm missing to complete my collection of everything Jerome Hines ever recorded is ONE Met broadcast... and now I'll finally have it, like, as you said, low hanging fruit.

Maury D'annato said...

Jerome Hines in what, I wonder?

It's true there are still things to pine for. Maybe there's a Borkh FrOSch out there with better conducting and without post-mortem Modl. (Actually I wouldn't mind a copy of the extant one, for that matter.) And stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

That used record store in Denton--how funny is it that I'm sure I know which one you're talking about? They have insane stuff half the time.

Maury D'annato said...

Yeah, makes absolutely no sense. I got that Gioconda and the Ponselle Traviata, which I've never seen anywhere else.