Monday, March 19, 2007

Is anyone recording this?

I haven't mastered the art of recording off Sirius without instantly filling my entire hard drive. Is anyone recording Helena tonight? Because to compare this to Jones/Kastu makes the brain break. As one of my vast network of spies typed over email:
I listened to the broadcast on Thursday and it really didn't occur to me that Torston Kerl was having difficulties, and I guess that's what learning music from Matti Kastu's performance of it will do to your ears.

Umsoyeah. I want a CD of this.

p.s. it turns out what's next is La Donna del Lago. La Donna Martin del Lago, starring Tori Spelling. I jest.


Anonymous said...

Matti Kastu...oh, the jokes just make themselves, don't they? But if you get a copy of this I WANT ONE TOO, naturally.

Chalkenteros said...

Maury, what recording software do you use? I use Audio Hijack Pro, and on the right settings I get a pretty good mid-size file. I used to have the same problems you did until I started playing around with the settings. Alas I have not recorded a Helena yet. Was out late last night, so missed that perf. Will be overseas on the 23rd. Plan on attending the perf. of Tuesday 3/27. Which leaves only 3 more opportunities for recording ...!

alex said...


[timidly raises hand] um...may i, too?

southern gal said...

i use Total Recorder and record in the MP3 format - you have to add a file to do that (its an encoding dll file) but its all explained on the website.

i have hundreds (maybe thousands) of mp3s of many operas and practically everything from the start of Sirius including both bcasts of HELENA.

email me (its on the blog)

oh and you can schedule your recordings with TR (including connecting to website) but i just have sirius on all the time and schedule the ones i want that week.

rysanekfreak said...

I use Audacity. Very easy to download lots of soundfiles and then burn them to CDs.

My computer-genius nephew was the one who downloaded Audacity (free) for me and showed me how to use it.

Very easy to use.