Monday, April 30, 2007

Exciting Week in Opera

This week is the Orfeo premiere, about which I assume we're all a little giddy. The Straussmonster has hilariously pointed out that the poster on the plaza makes David Daniels look a bit like Johnny Cash, of all people, and also that Gluck would probably approve of the Man in Black's directness of expression. It's hard to understand why they scheduled so few performances--I realize it's not the world's most popular opera, but they had to know that the opera plus Mark Morris plus Isaac Mizrahi combo was going to pull in basically anyone above a Kinsey 1.5 in New York.

All levity aside, I think we'll all enjoy it through a certain sadness for what are now historical reasons. I have no doubt Mr. Daniels will do honor to the memory of the intended protagonist.

Also this week, the Tristan Project. I find "Project" to be a hilarious title, since anything they have the balls to charge that much for had damn well better be a finished product. I'd go but I'm staying home and rolling around in hundred dollar bills shouting "money! I have so much money!" instead.


Anonymous said...

I totally want one of those posters.


Maury D'annato said...

I want one of the NYC Ballet posters with all the little dancers forming a sword and a drop of blood.

alex said...

wehe. are there pictorz of these things you are referring to?