Friday, September 21, 2007

Step right up!

I don't have ads on here (mostly out of laziness--I think I got halfway through the google ads thing once and then saw a shiny object or something) but I do think I'll point you toward an opera-for-sale site I stumbled upon via Parterre that has some excellent inventory dirt cheap. I got the free download, was struggling with unzipping it because I'm sort of your grandmother when it comes to computer stuff sometimes, and emailed a little with the guy who runs it, who was helpful and nice and mentioned he's just starting up, so here I am with my megaphone. The site is:

There's some crazy rare Souliotis, a Jenufa with the great Irene Dalis as the big K, things like that. All I've listened to so far is the Tabarro, from which I was expecting little beyond "oh hey, it's Il Tabarro!" because I'd never heard of Clara Petrella and remembered Mirto Picchi dimly as the shadow cast by the blazing light of Callas on some Norma. You know, thinking back on the Met cast, I'm wondering if Il Tabarro is the operatic equivalent of the jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (C'mon guys, secretly you all saw it too, right? Hm. Why are those crickets chirping? Who let crickets in?) in that everyone looks good in it. Petrella seems little bit why-didn't-I-know-about-you though, srsly.

On a wholly, but wholly unrelated note, did anyone else do a double take in the middle of this article about a cow that got loose in Brooklyn? You'll know where.


Lisa Hirsch said...

I think I've heard Petrella maybe once; I vaguely recall a big Italian voice, not much more. She was a gorgeous woman, and I have a very glamorous photo of her from the 50s here someplace.

jondrytay said...

Thanks so much for the pointer Maury. I must make sure not to spend every penny I have there. But such choice- the match of Jurinac's voice with Micaela's aria is so perfect in my head that I can't wait to hear the reality. And some very exciting Suliotis, as you say- Act 2 of Ballo is a very tempting thought.

I can't in all conscience justify ANOTHER live Rosenkavelier, can I? Crespin, Soderstrom and Rothenberger, though... And would it be madness to buy a complete Elektra solely on the basis that Janowitz is (presumably) fifth maid?

winpal said...

Do you think Steber was the Minnie?

Anonymous said...

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