Sunday, December 16, 2007

Upstate Julie Brown (a blogospheric term of art--what did MTV do when they had two Julie Browns?) is insisting I listen to Judy's concert at Carnegie Hall, because apparently sitting up nights wondering what Leider sounded like in person makes me not-quite-gay-enough. I will make every attempt to spare you my musings as I embark upon this potentially crippling new fandom.

It's true, I'm not going to very much in December. December's a bit of a lull. I'm certainly interested in seeing War and...That Other Thing and maybe even a Ballo but December has a way of making me hide under the bed. Forgive the de facto hiatus.


Will said...

When MTV had two Julie browns, the other was Downtown Julie Brown.

winpal said...

The original or the Rufus reincarnation (of Judy, not Frida)? Muse on both and you will certainly be gay enough.

La Cieca said...

To get a feeling for what Judy was like onstage, try these clips from her CBS series.