Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Nixie Divey

Current revival of Rusalka seems to me a must-see. In a way, since she's done it here before, least of it is that Fleming finds something in the role to sweep away the cobwebs of habit and mannerism (despite one uncanny vocal reference to her patented "Death to Maury" herky-jerky downward scale from "Je marche sur tous les chemins") and unleash her biggest and best voice, and what's more finds something mythical to connect with in the character to make us forget the perfume, the dessert, and the other trappings of diva-as-Diva. Act II was--despite above-referenced scale and a clunker high note from Sigmundsson--operatic excellence from start to finish. I'm puzzled by the lack of love for Goerke at calls, and gratified by the outpouring for Antonenko, both of whom sang with a brashness I haven't heard recently, encouraged in this by Belohlavek in the pit. Let me not leave out Stephanie Blythe, and forgive me for borrowing last year's internet slang. As Jezibaba, she is EPIC. More later? Eh, probably not. I'll add lastly that it's a profoundly traditional, pretty if dim production with nary a sarcastic dirndl in sight.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled to hear Stephanie Blythe is so good - I think Zajick sang when I last saw the production. I go next week, and I cannot wait! This is one of my favorite Renee roles.

Your Blue Friend said...

I am so sorry to be missing this production. Hopefully, the Boston Lyric Opera's production of Rusalka in a couple of weeks (which I WON'T miss) will produce some EPIC individual performances of its own.