Friday, December 11, 2009

Stepping up in class (or: My Life as a Parterrorist)

Well if you're looking here for my semi-coherent musings about Elektra, I must redirect you. Being asked to pen a piece for Parterre when you are the resident scribbler of MFI, well it's sort of like the Paris Review called and said "you know those sonnets you wrote to your kitty? We simply must have them."

I will say this: it's a different experience writing something that may be widely read instead of doing some equivalent to sitting in your bathrobe talking about it. So perhaps I'll put down a few more thoughts in the house style (idiotic) back here when I'm caught up on sleep.


Anonymous said...

Brava re. Parterre.
You had me the first time you used a footnote.
Nothing hotter than a guy with a footnote fetish.

Anonymous said...

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Philip Gourevitch said...

That reminds me, we're still waiting on those sonnets. Please don't make me beg. I'm not too proud to beg.

squirrel said...

ditto that

also congrats on your pornographic spam above! now you know you've arrived.