Friday, January 29, 2010



but since I never stop at four words: this makes me sad to live so far away, as someone who has often found Zajick a mix of staggering and a little bit mundane but who has on occasion thought "oh but I bet in Wagner...."

Anyway it's happening in December. In my fantasy world, it's an out-of-town tryout for an appearance in the Wilson Lohengrin (a piece you will admit is in some way we are too polite to specificy well-suited to Ms. Zajick's dramatic instincts) to star Jonas Kaufmann and Dorothea Roschmann. COME ON UNIVERSE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Actual entry soon. I think.


Alex said...

Oh man, that cast would be so sick. If they phone in the casting on potentially the last incarnation of those sweet sweet rectangles I will never forgive them. Time to start calling your congressmen, people...

Dr.B said...

Four very interesting words.

Guy said...

If only they'd present a different production. The one they're reviving may be the ugliest thing I've ever seen on stage at L.A. Opera. It's sad when hideous productions happen to good singers.