Saturday, October 22, 2005

more mucking about in the past because I have nothing to go to for a long while

One had always ignored the older Mitropoulos Elektra because Konetzni is said to be past her prime. Konetzni is, yuh, past her prime, but there's a certain grandeur to the voice. Moreover, oh my god. Between Modl in one of about three recorded years you could really say she was in good voice and Mitropoulos being as usual a fucking genius the very least that can be said about it is it has the prettiest Klytamenstra scene ever. No, I'm not stoned. Only by virtue of being a true contralto and not a whatever-the-hell-Modl was, which involves in part not having yet developed her low register entirely since she hasn't murdered the high one yet, is Madiera a superior Mommie Dearest. Well and perhaps Modl also hasn't learned the true art of hystrionic screaming, again because she didn't have to when her voice was this (yeah, I said it) luscious. So I am left petulant and bereft when what I can only designate as The End of Disc One goes by without shrieking, hellish laughter.

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