Thursday, May 10, 2007

See? See?

Well at least I'm not completely alone in my distaste for this production.


A.C. Douglas said...

You're far from being alone on this. You're in fact in quite first-rate company.


Will said...

I don't think anyone would begrudge you your opinions on any work of art. I had a better impression of the production than you, but my own quibbles (that tunnel in the rock scene has nothing whatever to do stylistically with anything else in the production; in the accoustically-friendly Family Circle I got very tired of hearing the skilled set crew throwing cues at each other evry time the bleachers had to move; Levine's heavy, Romantic-era conducting) are real.

Still, for me, the integration of dance throughout the entire opera, not just the specified dance pieces, and the joy of the final celebration went far to fulfill what I think ORFEO is all about.

Thanks for linking JJ's review, Maury.

Anonymous said...

Overall, I think I liked it--but we are in total agreement on some of the problems. More later.