Friday, November 11, 2005

Elektra it ain't, or: Pauly, you're in the wrong opera!

Ok. Hypothetical. It's 1973 and you get the neat idea to record Arabella with Caballe. Do you a) ruin it by having Oliviera Miljakovic howl her way through Zdenka, or b) no, get someone good; it's 1973, maybe Helen Donath is sitting around somewhere singing with flawless beauty of tone and could use some cash.
B, you say? Well where the hell were you?


JSU said...

Ha. That cast had "stay away" written all over it.

But do you know anything about the '58 Salzburg Arabella, with basically the same exact people who did the Munich video/DG live CD five years later? A new Orfeo release -- my della Casa completism is becoming expensive. Wonder if this one's worth it.

Actually, I've also heard great things about the Schoeffler/Seefried/Reiner Vienna Meistersinger that's sitting next to this Arabella at Tower.

Maury D'annato said...

See, I didn't think the cast had "stay away" written all over it. I like Nimsgern, and of course Kurt Moll. Oralia Dominguez I've found wonderful on this and that (ok, Italian stuff) and as it turns out, Scovotti is as good as you _can_ be in the idiotic role of Milli.

Don't know of the '58 Salzburg. We must suffer sometimes (financially) for those in our pantheon. God knows I'm unable to think about my monetary well-being where Borkh is concerned.

M. C- said...

omg, i got that 1973 recording too. what a travesty; i don't think i could even listen to the whole thing, it was so upsetting.