Tuesday, November 08, 2005

every day a little blog

Oh, I'm liking this new (to me) opera blog: well sung.

Meanwhile, in the case of Filianoti or not-i, I can only think of the words of Dawn Fatale some years ago: I'm tired of going to Aida, quoth he, for the Amneris.

Now, I've only seen Futral in Partenope, and Partenope is not Lucia, but the fact is I find Lucia pretty dull and so find myself avoiding it until someone who rather sets me on fire comes along to tweet it at me. Futral was kind of disappointing in Partenope, so what are the chances she'll come bearing matches in Lucia?
So yeah, I guess until Rigoletto or maaaaybe Romeo, it's just me and the victrola.

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