Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hiatus? They hardly KNOW us!

Alright, my weeks of going to nothing are about to come to an end. Romeo & Rigoletto: purchased.

Thing is, spending a reported $40 for the obstructed-view seats to hear LHL sing a couple of songs by a composer whose stuff I don't if I dig was more of a bet than I felt like placing. Had Roschmann not canceled, I probably would have gone. No major slight meant toward Three Name Soubrette*, you understand. It's just that there are artists whose names get me out of the house to hear a program I'm iffy about and those that don't. And Mahler 4 is (because we're all so crazy mad for ranking) about my fourth fave Mahler with the symphonies coming in behind the song cycles at that.

Now, do I want to catch one of these Carmens or not? Carmen is on the short list of operas I can't honestly say I care if I ever hear again, and the Met's production is beastly. Or one of these Bohemes, since Swenson is making a nice thing of this transition to lower lying ladies? Or the last Filianoti Lucia despite the fact that Young Ok Shin is Korean for Three Name Soubrette? I mean I am now officially the only kid on the block that didn't hear Filianoti. I just don't have the knees for standing as much as I used to, and don't you DARE voice that comment about kneeling that's floating above your head in a cartoon bubble.

*one of those well established categories like Hyphenated British-Tenor. JSU tells me this phrase is one of his. Hm. I dispute this, but not very emphatically.


JSU said...

"Three Name Soubrette*"

I think you owe me a link for this one, if not a credit...

Anonymous said...

Romeo, tomorrow (Thursday) night? Will be there!


Maury D'annato said...

jsu: nuh uh, I'm pretty sure Three Name Soubrette was mine.

Maury D'annato said...

Chere Monstre, see you there.

Anonymous said...

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