Sunday, January 29, 2006

An Afterthought

So I'm wondering if anyone of my approximate age and viewing habits experienced a certain deja vu when Tsypin's Flute sets spun around to reveal what I could only take as a visual tribute to Twin Peaks: a checkerboard floor by a red curtain that looked for all the world like the Black Lodge. I realize David Lynch and opera are not fandoms with a massive overlap. (Okay and tribute implies that Mr. Tsypin' has seen Twin Peaks which is probably not all that likely.)

Current and unexpectedly delightful listening: Anny Felbermayer and Alfred Poell with the Vienna State Opera Orch under Prohaska in songs of Mahler, the Ruckert Lieder and "Songs of Youth."

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Chalkenteros said...

hmm ... ok, so, like, maybe I should go see Zaub.

I was a big Twin Peaks fan way back when. Bob, the Giant, and the Little Man used to scare the hell out of me.