Tuesday, January 24, 2006


An attentive reader brings the following items from the Times' corrections column to our notice:

A film review in Weekend on Friday about "Le Pont des Arts" misspelled a word in the title of a Monteverdi madrigal that a character sings on a recording. It is "Lamento della ninfa," not "ninja."

Is this the kind of thing Gelb has in mind to bring in younger audiences, do you suppose?

In another department....With a tip of my hat to Victor Borge, whose account of Wagner's early attempts at theater rendered me absolutely helpless with laughter when I was 17 (ou sont les neiges indeed) I am leaving the world of toy department, title-wise.

Meanwhile in the world of limericks we have been asked to contribute our limping wit to the following:

A young man from Bashkortostan
Whose wife was a Mezzosopran...

how about:

A young man from Bashkortostan
Whose wife was a Mezzosopran
Worked mostly when she did-
She was the more feted-
So he may never sing Gurneman(z)

Um, because she's not likely to sing Kundry. Get it? Well, I gave it a shot. The comments section is open and the bar has not been set very high if you're feeling in the spirit for a little lyric cage match.


Mary said...

Who gives a shit?

Maury D'annato said...

Your mother certainly did, in a manner of speaking.

Chalkenteros said...

lol ...

Ariadne said...

A for effort, Maury! Sorry I didn't get it at first, not being up on my Wagnertrivia...

Go for it, do another one!

Jonathan said...

Maury: swell new design/layout. The blue suits you.

And bravo to the limerick. Because no, she certainly would not sing Kundry. I mean..right guys?

Anonymous said...

Where's your scansion, dear!
There was a young bass from Bashkortostan
Whose wife was a noted mezz├│sopran
When all the Bashkiris
Went wild for Amneris
He replied, "You should hear her _________"

Brett said...

Ahhhh. Thank you, anonymous! I was bothered. And..."Oktavian"?

Anonymous said...

"Oktavian"! Well done, Brett!! Why didn't I think of that? Maury's at Magic Flute tonight, I believe. He'll be relieved that, like little elf workers, we've fixed his limerick while he slept.

Brett said...

I think the problem could lie in the tendency of the -an suffix to refer to males. However, this is a mezzo we're talking about, so one is bound to come up...

(If it helps, I had to look at a list of typical mezzo roles to think of it. And then I was annoyed with myself, as R. Strauss is my favorite operatic composer.)

Maury D'annato said...

What, I get no credit for "she did" and a slightly mispronounced "feted"? Tough room.

Maury D'annato said...

I think I stick by my scansion though. The important part is that they're amphibrachs.
there ONCE was a MAN from nan TUCK et
Mine cuts off mid-amphibrach but Bashkortostan (assuming Bashkortostan like let's say Dagestan, has ultimate word stress.)
Yours sounds like it's assuming Bash-KORT-o-stan which throws in a dactyl, and with the next line, you've got a pair-o'-dactyls.

Indiana Loiterer III said...

Ninjas are so 80s.

(fhmmb: a Bashkiri vocal ornament)