Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Maury Myth

That's what it would be called if Norman Lebrecht wrote a book about me, I suppose. It'd be more of a pamphlet, I'm guessing.

Right, so ostensibly I did just write something for someone affiliated with same. I suppose I should say I was drunk when I wrote it and then go into rehab like prominent republicans do when it's found out they're boinking little boys. But actually I have no idea, it may have been brilliant! I was at work and the only thing my brain can process when I'm at work is how much I'd like to be doing something else, so really I haven't the foggiest notion. Wouldn't it be kind of fun, though, if it were accidentally (as certain among us used to say) a stunning indictment of Thatcherist Britain?

It was also long-winded, not to knock you over with that piece of news. Anyway Woody Allen supposedly once took a speed reading course and then read War & Peace. "It's about Russia," he said. So, since I am clearly the Tolstoy of people who write about Rose Pauly talking to you from beyond the grave, let's just say: it's about blogging.

Expected next opera attendance: Der Stupidfloot soonish. Which in a way is needless to blog, because Sirius is at this point more or less The Magic Flute Channel.

Expected next entry: a story of thwarted passion. And Erna Berger.


Greg said...

So... can we read it?

Maury D'annato said...

Oh, huh. I wonder if I have it in a draft folder or something. I'll post a link to the BBC thing if it's actually used. I have my doubts, see also: LHL thingy on NPR.

Ariadne said...

Post for you at my blog, Maury, in response to your interest at ACB's re: linguistic challenges of singing in Russian.

(I promised I would not gush anymore but ... you know... you write so wonderfully ... Mauryish!!!)

Anonymous said...

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