Friday, January 05, 2007

A story we have always enjoyed

Cousin Louie Tremava recounts the following tale of the Old Met, which
took place 56 years ago today:

It was January 5th, 1951, after one of Helen Traubel's 4 performances
as The Marshallin. I was going to walk home but was curious about a
small knot of people outside the stage door on W. 40th St. and
decided to wait. Eventually the door opened and out came Mme.
Traubel wrapped in mink. A man raised his hat and said, "Schöne
Musik, madame." Traubel nodded her thanks and got into a waiting car.
After a while the door opened again and out came Risë Stevens, also
wrapped in mink. The same man doffed his hat and repeated his
compliment. Stevens smiled, said "Danke schön," and got into a
waiting car. Another short wait and the door opened again. Out came
Erna Berger, also wrapped in mink. This time a woman burbled, "What
beautiful music!" Berger said, "Oh no it wasn't, lady," and got into
a waiting car.

Thanks, cugino. Louie has such better stories than I, it must be said.

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