Saturday, January 26, 2008

Figlio impuro

Not even a hint of relevance, but I do love a good hatchet job and I know some of you do, too. If you haven't already heard about it, you absolutely have to read the NYT endorsement of McCain, not for anything having to do with McCain (because who cares, Edith) but for the deeply satisfying thrashing of Giuliani in the middle. I guess if everything must relate to you-know-what, you're welcome to imagine it translated into Italian and delivered by the great Gencer. The clause "then exploited his city’s and the country’s nightmare to promote his presidential campaign" would contain a high D and at least three glottal attacks.

In another moment of local relevance to Met audiences, John Edwards, who is working the "little old me from the country" angle so hard we will not be surprised to see him on Tim Russert wearing a straw hat, has in some ill-thought-out misprisal* of disdain for things urban for progressive class politics, made Masa Takayama his unlikely Sistah Souljah.

If it wasn't obvious, the coveted endorsement of MFI goes to Senator Obama.

Hi to anyone who made his unlikely way here from the mention in the NYRB, about which I am unseemlily** amused. This is usually about opera.

*almost certainly not a word
**even more certainly not a word

By the way, I return to the 'politan next week and should resume writing about that mysterious art form I once upon a time used to write about, the one where people don wigs and speak on pitches.


Dan Johnson said...

I still cannot tell whether the NY Times sushi thing is a joke or not.

Not because the quotes from the candidates seem credible, yet hilarious. But because these things are things that no would in their right mind would ever say, and yet none of them is funny.

I hope this is just another failure of NY Times "humor" rather than yet another complete failure of our national sanity.

Alex said...

Damn. NYRB!

Maury D'Annato, you're my hero...

Anonymous said...

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