Monday, January 21, 2008


Ok, I did hesitate to link to this's not 100% clear what the source is, but there seems to be no commercial release. So, crossing my fingers and hoping it isn't dripping with bad karma, I thank the original youtube poster, er, hotazzoperastud, and present to you some formidable music-making, courtesy of Joyce DiDonato and Eric Cutler. p.s. not to be a boring high note queen but check out the B at the end. Srsly.


Straussmonster said...

I love that moment where one section ends, beautifully, major key, full cadence...and you just know it's not going to last. Conventions can be so gratifying.

(And yes, this is some impressive music-making.)

armerjaquino said...

I'm meh about Donizetti at the best of times, but that is pretty damned good.

Thanks for the pointer to Mr, um, Stud, too. His YouTube library has got some extraordinary stuff in it, I foresee a lot of time spent there.

I didn't follow the links to the Dieux du Stade stuff though. No.

winpal said...

Ooooh, and lots of new links to Daniela Dessi, one of my big faves, over at Studmuffin -- including two clips from Iris. A guilty pleasure I rarely admit in polite company. Thanks, M.

Straussmonster said...

Oh, man, Andrea Chenier, one of my bonafide guilty pleasures...surely no one will complain if I blast this right now instead of at 11 PM?

Willym said...

and that boys and girls is how its suppose to be done!!!!

Thanks for leading me to Stud... hmm when was the last time I said that without a smirk?

armerjaquino said...

Wow- anyone caught the Morris/Vaness/ Hadley Faust trio on there?

Pure Golden Age.