Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Wow, the Opera Tattler has all the dirt on next season.

Of particular interest there, Seattle's '08-'09, including Joyce Castle in Figaro. I assume she's playing Cherubino. Well I don't assume that of course but it's fun to try and picture. Blythe's first (?) Amneris: intriguing. Also, is LePage's Erwartung the one with crazy wall=floor tricks we saw in Cincinnati maybe five years ago?

ETA: Burns, who gets some sort of lifetime achievement award for correcting my incorrectnesses, points out that Ms. Blythe will first sing Amneris closer to home (well, my home)--in Baltimore, I'm assuming. Baltimore has in fact posted the titles of their next season with no casting information I can find, but anyway: Aida, Norma, Barbiere, Porgy & Bess.

More hat tips to Jessica, this time for pointing us to the details for Baltimore.. I know at least one person who is likely to faint from joy at the prospect of a lyric rather than a mezzo singing the 'gisa.


Henry Holland said...

I've read some comments over the intertubes about how dull Los Angeles Opera's upcoming season was.

They obviously hadn't seen San Francisco's schedule yet! (Note: this is not an inter-city sniping thing).

*Sigh* They're doing Die Tote Stadt with Torsten Kerl, who was wobbly on the DVD from Straousborg and live recording from Salzburg that were recorded years ago and they're taking the huge cut at the end of the first act/start of the second. Since Los Angeles Opera is doing this in 2009/10 or 2010/11 as part of the Recovered Voices project, maybe I'll pass.

Tosca, Boheme *and* Traviata? Why didn't they add Carmen? Oh, wait....Los Angeles is doing that! Samuel Ramey as Boris? Um, no.

Well, that's travel money better spent elsewhere.

I wish someone within 3,000 miles of me would do the Schoenberg triple-bill that the Oper Leipzig has coming up in March of Schoenberg's Die Glucklische Hand, Erwartung and Von Heute auf Morgen. As Morrissey once crooned, "Oh very nice, very nice, but maybe in the next world, maybe in the next world....".

Curious to see what Lyric Opera of Chicago has in store.....

armerjaquino said...

You mean you're going to pass up the chance to hear live 'the voice of the blue space alien from The Fifth Element'?

The Opera Tattler said...

I've been waiting for weeks for SF Opera to announce their season, and posting about other opera companies in the interim. Glad it was of use to someone!

Burns said...

Unless I'm mistaken Blythe's first Amneris is coming up this March a little closer to the east coast.

Henry Holland said...

You mean you're going to pass up the chance to hear live 'the voice of the blue space alien from The Fifth Element'?

Hahahaha. Luckily for my bank balance I'm not a fan of a) sci-fi or b) bel canto.

Alex said...

Really? I think Torsten Kerl sounds lovely in that DVD. Yay for him in live DTS. Boo to the cuts, tho.

Anonymous said...

Actually, to be specific, Blythe is singing Amneris in Pittsburgh, March 29 thru April 6 of this year. If she is, indeed, singing it in Baltimore, it won't be until October.

Jessica said...

Hi, I'm a longtime reader of your blog. It's my first time commenting, so I figure I'll tell you I'm not some crazy yahoo. I'm doing my MM in Voice at Peabody and I've heard some choice bits of news about the Baltimore season.

The Norma is going to be sung by Papian (Norma) and Ruth Ann Swenson (!!!) will be her Adalgisa. And Radames in this season's Aida will be Antonello Palombi. Full details of the season can be found at the bottom of this article:,0,219959.column?coll=bal_news_local_baltimore_city_util

Hope I've helped!

Maury D'annato said...

Thanks, Jessica, I put in an update. Swensen as Adalgisa seems like it'll work out nicely.