Thursday, October 04, 2007

A little more of the story

Well of course I had to email LaCieca about it with all possible haste because it was so funny and besides, one would want to hear if one's neologism had made prime time. But the part I left out, that makes the story somewhat funnier, is that after La Juntwait popped the hunkentenor question, Mr. Kaiser (who comes off as both charming and unassuming, sudden ubiquity notwithstanding) sounded just a tiny bit flustered, whereupon La J most amusingly channeled her inner flapper and told him he's "the cat's pajamas." Which I suppose he probably is--I'll find out in about a week, but anyway, still mid-fluster, he managed the modest semi-sequitur, "Well I'd rather wear the cat's pajamas than be called a hunkentenor." And then, "but I don't wear pajamas. I suppose that's too much information."* Hardly!

I mean god forfend I should ever be interviewed on the radio. I have a feeling I'd probably sit there muttering, "right, cheers. Thanks a lot."

*all quotations approximate and intended for entertainment value only.


Anonymous said...

J-Kaiser is sweet. I had the opportunity to chat with him after a performance of Zauberflöte in which we had mutal friends performing.

If he *had* said that he wears pajamas, that would have ruined it fo us all, I believe.

Chalkenteros said...

one can never have enough hats, gloves, or shoes.