Monday, November 12, 2007

More youtube/Verrett

Well, this one pretty much kills me dead.


Willym said...

Damn this is what its really all about isn't it? Only saw her live twice - Orfeo at Covent Garden and L'Africaine at SFO. That was well over 30 years ago but there are moments that still stay in my mind. The shudder she gave and the joy in her face and voice as Euridice (Pilar Lorengar) touched her shoulder to be lead out of Hades was overwhelming. And those cries of Euridice! Euridice! were from a wounded animal. I've been fortunate to see two great Orfeos - her's and Janet Baker's.

Sorry I am going on there but god I love this woman.

Maury D'annato said...

No, please go on. Why do you imagine I post these? :) I saw here nonce, i.e. one less than once, so I'm certainly happy to hear from those more fortunate.

Unknown said...

Caro Mo,

That was really fab! Thank you.

Check out her Met Tosca telecast - Act 2. I have NEVER heard anyone deliver "Aaaaaaaaaa-ssasino!" like that.

Also check out the complete Don Carlo from Vienna 1970. The Garden trio w/Carlo and Posa is equally devastating.

alex said...

Oh god, Verrett is something else.

I think la diva Cieca once described a Steber high C as the aural equivalent of a line of coke. Well, not really knowing what that's like, I'd have to say Verrett's high Bb (is it a flat?) is what I imagine that must be like. Dang.

Also, I finally saw Don Carlo (in the french version) on DVD -- the Mattila + everyone and their mother production.

One of the most stunning parts of this aria is the emotionally shattering scene that comes before. (Like, talk about L'Africaine!!)

I totally agree with Maury - more stories! Please!

Anonymous said...

This is amazingly, clitoral stimulation worthy hot.


I love that the last three letters of my verification were fff! Perfect! Viva La Verrett!

turandot82 said...


Anonymous said...

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