Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Out of Gluck

I know it's a well worn chant that if the Met wants younger audiences they should find a way around charging a fortune for tickets (more corporate sponsorships? I don't know; I don't run an opera company for very good reasons.) But you know what? It's true. If the Broadway strike ends anytime soon, I'm hoping to spend $26ish to see August: Osage County from seats where I can see the actors' lips move. Because of a last minute price reduction, I could possibly pay $26 for a seat in rear fam circ for the Gluck prima. From which I could see the mooring mast on the Empire State Building, if the roof were off.

But I'm not. For the first time in two seasons, I'm skipping an opening night. Not that it's anyone's god-given* right to go to opening night or sit in good seats, but since I started writing these little reviews, I've gotten in the habit. Hopefully later in the run I can find a decent balcony box seat, the only remaining bargain for people whose day jobs preclude the rush line and whose standfleisch** is no longer game for long hauls. Yes, I could probably have managed twenty-six bucks, but there's a fine balance of "this is still a lot of money" vs. "for all I know, that's not Placido Domingo but some other stocky Lebanese gentleman up there" that tips as I grey.

I'm actually very excited about Iphigenie, less because of the cast than because it's Gluck, but I just had to cry uncle on this one. My apologies to anyone who does what I do, once I'm done writing anyway, clicking around 'til all hours looking for the first review. Doubtless there is some other blogger loopy enough to stay up past midnight or one on a Tuesday who will satisfy this late night craving.

*huh, I'm having a vocabulary-poor morning and can't think of a satisfactory secular alternative to this irritating phrase

**is it just me or does that sound obscene? I suppose I just mean lower back muscles but I was, y'know, thinking sitzfleisch/standfleich


Anonymous said...

I went to the dress rehearsal. It is one of the most beautiful things the Met has ever put on.

There is no mistaking Domingo's voice - utterly distinctive. The tessitura is a little high for Graham but she's very expressive. Groves sounds fine.

If you go for balcony box, be sure to get the 'odd' side...the sacrificial altar where much of the action takes place is best seen from there.

El Doctorcito said...

Phillip is probably right about side choide. I, on the other hand, was very close on House Left in Seattle, so though I was further from the alter, I did end up very close to Orestes/Plyades singing in late Act One, which was some of the better singing in our production.

JSU said...

Of course, some of us will go but not finish writing it up tonight anyway...

I believe "FC rear" isn't, despite the name, all actually in the back -- it seems to be a catchall "subprime" designation.

Anonymous said...

Please go check your e-mail, Maury.

Unknown said...


Umm, sorry for the caps, but, well, you know about me and this opera, right?

Maury D'annato said...

Monster-san, read my review and you will know: I WILL GO MULTIPLE TIMES TOO AND SEE YOU THERE.