Saturday, February 02, 2008


I've always insisted it was practically opera. Sometimes, in fact, when people are all "hey, make me a CD to convince me I should like opera" and I'm not in the mood to say "who says you should like opera?" I will slip this in between, oh, Kathleen Battle and Jussi Bjorling. It's as close as you're going to hear to a dramatic soprano in pop music, which gives me a perverse thrill. Please ignore the cheezoid visuals and enjoy, and if you're not up to here with me for posting it in the first place, make sure to watch the end, where the real Inge Borkhing happens.

Oh and since I've recently been taken to task for not identifying what I'm posting, this is Blue Angel performing "I'm gonna be strong" by...I dunno, Pergolesi. You know the girl with the pipes as Cyndi Lauper.

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Anonymous said...

My god, Ms. Lauper is a force of nature! Jesus Christ, how the hell does she do it...and she still pretty much sounds like that today. Pat Benatar was another amazing 80's pop diva with golden pipes and a knack for the grand musical gesture. Some may lament the lack of a truly great Verdienne today, but they could just as easily lament the lack of a truly great pop diva. Oh, and let's not forget Whitney Houston...I was always a sucker for her over the top rendition of the National Anthem. Listening to Jordan Spark's boring-ass version on tonight's superbowl broadcast, I found myself longing for Whitney's balls-to-wall, flawlessly in-tune wailathon...complete with white track suit and matching head band.