Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Une humble retraite

Don't you think the Met needs to open a little bar, maybe where the gallery on the southeast corner is? Just a little lounge of sorts for the people who aren't quite ready to rush out the door and go home? Much more informal than the restaurant, you understand, just somewhere dim you could sidle up to a Campari or something comparably suggestive of banter and commiserate or revel as appropriate? Thing is, once you're out the door it's either the 1 train or the $25 pizza at Fiorello's, it feels like, especially during these drear months. Oh hey maybe there could be horrible theme drinks like milk punch after Butterfly. Oh dear, maybe not. I'll just have the whiskey.


Alex said...

From your computer to Gelb's ears, Maury. Oh man, that would so sweet. They could keep it open til 12:30 or 1 right? That's not union thing, is it?

Maury D'annato said...

Oh, 'til 2 I'd hope! For Wagner, you know. Do bartenders have a union?

Anonymous said...

That would be totally awesome. In the mean time, head up Columbus a few blocks to Wine and Roses.

Anonymous said...

And can we get the studly tall blond host from the Grand Tier Restaurant to greet people as they enter this aforementioned bar?

Frankly, I'd much prefer going to a MET bar than hopping on the M66 ambulette for my schlep crosstown.

JSU said...

"a few blocks"

Well, ten.

The only thing really close is, what, O'Neals? The PJ Clarke's where O'Neals used to be (decades ago)? Uninspiring.

Bar Boulud is, of course, too fancy to function as a real (late) bar.

La Cowntessa said...

I'm there with you. There's not really anything in the area for pre or apres opera drinks or munchies.

Maury D'annato said...

I mean, it's not impossible to find something. The margaritas at Rosa are nothing to scoff at. But I want somewhere in the building! Maybe this is a Fitzcarraldo-like thing where I'm going to have to realize the mad dream by dragging a bar from midtown up 9th Avenue by means of a steam engine.

Will said...

In point of fact, it would be wonderful if the renovation brought into being a centrally located bar pavilion to serve all the Lincoln Center performance venues. Properly placed and managed, it would probably make a fortune. It wouldn't exactly be in the building Maury, but it would be only steps away and able to stay open as late as the law allows.

Anonymous said...

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