Thursday, April 30, 2009

Area Musician

So I was on the A train and there was a subway musician which can be a headache (percussion groups! hi, this is a really small space!) or a delight (mariachis!) and as it turned out, she was swell. And I gave her like the world's most lousy subway musician tip because I didn't have change so I'm making up for it by making sure a couple more people see her. 'atsall.

[ETA: I didn't make the vid, btw. Just embedded it.]


Michelle said...

That was great!
I've never seen this lady in the subway, but I often see the 'Saw Lady' at Union Square (her hat and t-shirt advertise her website: ). She is wild, and her musical saw playing sounds like opera! Could you do a video of her, please?

squirrel said...

So glad you agree about the mariachis! I too cheer a little (silentely, to myself) when they come on the train. Especially when they have grandpa on the string bass!!

Paul said...

It's so sad, living out here in flyover land, where the closest thing we have to subway entertainment is some guy riding the light rail with his iPod turned up so high you can hear the music leaking out of his skull.

The best musical group I ever heard in this type of a setting was a Peruvian pan flute ensemble in a Budapest subway station. BTW, this was in 1997 and LONG before the South Park guys ever thought to do a parody of it.

BTW(2), the WashPost story a while back about Joshua Bell playing his violin incognito at one of the DC subway stations was really interesting. And no, "incognito" is NOT what he has named his violin.