Sunday, April 19, 2009

Third pass or so

Rather than editing again, I'm going to add a couple of interesting details from the papers that came with the DVD. I'm going to call them the press kit because it makes me feel glamorous! Anyway I didn't look closely at it, at first, and it gives some more info on what's coming up for the singers.

Yes, ok, I'm harping on Michael Fabiano because he was my favorite. There. I've admitted it. Well according to this, he's in Stiffelio next season at the big M.

Amber Wagner won a Tucker Career Grant. That's actually not from the provided materials; rather from an email from the proverbial little bird.

Ryan McKinny is doing Oedipus Rex with the L.A. Phil and Figaro at the Aspen Music Festival.

Kiera Duffy is in Atlanta's Akhnaten. Which I think already happened and was completely sold out, so don't go having ideas about the south, ok?

Matthew Plenk sang Iopas in Toyens with the Boston Symphony what looks like last season. I mean, that is a seriously lovely aria, so go Matthew Plenk. And Boston Lyric has him as Don Ottavio.

Aright, anyway.


JSU said...

Yeah, one year (or even two years) later doesn't tell much at this stage in their careers... Particularly for a big voice like Wagner.

Fabiano also did Alfredo in Princeton last summer.

Pallesen, if you want to see him, will do Juilliard's Falstaff this week. He also did the lead in their Klinghoffer.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Matthew Plenk's Iopas was superb this summer at Tanglewood.