Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Armer Jacquino, who certainly isn't required to like it, especially on account of it never happened

The bit where everyone more or less collectively loses their shit isn't until the last four minutes or so. You'll know.


Will said...

Maury, thank you for that clip--quite a smoldering, then blazing confrontation. Both ladies are hell on wheels. The more I hear--and collect--of Gencer, the more convinced I am that she was very much the equal of the other great ladies of the day and should have been given much more recognition during her career than she received.

armerjacquino said...

Oh wow, that is something. None of that 'sing on the interest, not the capital' stuff going on there, is there? Great last note, too.

I could cheerfully strangle you, of course. Now I have to investigate Donizetti instead of just instantly writing him off. As per your advice I'll start with the Three Queens, and I won't make a childish joke about that.

Will said...

AmerJ--you're only just now investigating Donizetti seriously? I can't believe it.

Unknown said...

It takes a performance where people lose their shit to really get me into bel canto, but when it does happen, ooohh.... This is the kind of stuff we should put into a time capsule and send into outer space.

The entire performance seems to have been issued, but is sadly out of print :(

alex said...

Hmm..I know that you have an interest of things Russian, and I ran across this while I was searching for early 20th century Soviet recordings.

It's Lyudmila's Act I cavatina sung by (unknown to me) Firsova and conducted incandescently by Kondrashin.