Wednesday, December 14, 2005

For this I missed the Gilmore Girls?

I think my despondent 9:30 text message will have to suffice:
Trebs still out of tune. Zon fucking canceled. Cover, poor soul, was booed and not without reason tho' I'd never. Going home. Lassu or no lassu.

Salient details: Cover=Raul Melo. Nice enough voice, mellow tone (forgive pun), produced quite clumsily, possibly owing to nerves. James Courtney's wobble bothered me more, AT's tone quality and acting wowed me more, vendetta e-flat nixed in favor of big warm, what, b-flat? But am I high or is she sharp all over the place? Reaction to Guelfi remains lukewarm. Some nights, though, you can just feel the "off" in the air.


Jonathan said...

Rolandolé CANCELED?! That is crap. Perhaps he was caught in his own embrace. How bad was the boo-ing? Sounds like a mess all around.

Maury D'annato said...

J: well, I didn't stay for the end, so who knows what happened then, but right after "possente amor" there was tepid applause, which was very sad on its own, and then one very loud boo. Come to think of it perhaps it was an overstatement to say he was booed. Does booed imply more than one boo? Hm.

JSU said...

Aren't you glad you went Saturday, now?

I've done my share of booing in the past, but going after a hapless cover seems way out of line.

Jonathan said...

Seriously. Poor cover. Well, I do hope he and Trebs had a pomegranate margarita over at Rosa Mexicana afterward and drowned their collective sorrow.

Yes we shd all be glad we caught Saturday.

Kinda makes me want to try for THIS Saturday just to see what happens...

Maury D'annato said...

Yeah, jsu, I'm extraordinarly glad. As has been noted, the whole performance was better Saturday.
Really, the polite applause on its own kind of sucked the air out of the room. The lone boo seemed a bit vicious.

jonathan: This Saturday? oh god, don't give me ideas. In any case, one would have to get up bright and early.

Grrg said...

Maury! Maury! We should totally start a group blog consisting only of txt msg reviews of things we go to! How 2006 would that be?

Anonymous said...

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