Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sol Invictus

Have recieved smashing operatic gifts for the holidays that accompany the lengthening of the days:

1) huge box of 78's for my table model Brunswick. Highlights include Gadski, Tibbett, and apparently one of the first recordings of the Macbeth sleepwalking scene which opera, I suppose, had fallen out of fashion early in the recording era. Oh and Das Lied with Kullman and Thorborg. Das Lied on 78 is a fine thing.

2) Tristan bleeding chunks (in the truest sense--they just sort of stop and start wherever) from the 1933 Broadcast with Leider, Melchior, Olszewska. Had no idea this existed. Still curious why it's in such pieces. Ok sound though.

3) 1940 Broadcast of Lakme with Pons, Tokatyan, and Pinza in slap-my-face-and-call-me-Inge good form. The Bell Song is pretty much nonpareil. Crowd does not lose its collective mind and begin screaming, which is puzzling to say the least.

Jesus died for my listening pleasure.

I sometimes buy a little holiday gift pour moi-meme but don't have my eye on much in particular. Suggestions?


Princess Alpenrose said...

I keep wondering what we can all give ourselves/each other that would count as an aural/sonic palate cleanser. We listen to so much music! (= some good, some okay, some great, some annoying crap. I categorically cannot listen to Cecelia anymore, for instance, I just want to smack her for her total lack of decent vocal technique...)

So, the auditory equivalent of a nice lemon sorbet, to clear out our ears and ready us for the next listening session, what would that be?

I truly deeply love the gems of Bach etc offered by the good Mr. Leon Fleisher on his new CD Two Hands. Its such beautiful artistry, and he's been so brave through so much ... it just makes me cry and heals me at the same time.

So I'll offer that one, as a sonic palate (and soul) cleanser. Leon Fleisher 2 Hands. Buy it for yourself, you'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

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