Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well they do them all the time on LJ. So I'll run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

Name or Nom de Blogge: Maurizio "Maury" D'Annato. Which is, yes, a big lie.
Age: 32. I swear this is not me riffing on The Consul. Papers! Papers! No, seriously. I'm 32. [Note upon googling: she's 33 anyway.]
Locale: New York, baby!
Raison de blogre: Get the words out of my head
Intended tone of blog: Halfway between Addison DeWitt and an eight-year-old girl talking about ponies. Plus occasional references to sodomy.
Voice type (real): lyric baritone that peters out around e.
Voice type (in yer dreams): dramatic soprano
Arias sung in the shower: "Il Balen," Onegin's aria "Kogda by zhizn'" "Un aura Amoroso" down a fifth or so.
Arias of other gender sung in shower: "O Don Fatale," "E Amore un Ladroncello"
First opera seen: probably Magic Flute, Cincinnati
First opera to elicit madly queeny reaction of obsession and dedication to a lifetime at the opera: Traviata, Cincinnati, don't actually know the cast
Uberdiva, living: Ewa Podles
Uberdiva of the past: Callas goes without saying, so my unter-uberdiva is probably Borkh*. Honorary mention to Lucia Popp, my uberstimmdiva
Fave singer you never hear anyone else enthuse about: Rose Pauly
Favorite line from a libretto: " Ach, solcher wüsten Inseln sind unzählige auch mitten unter Menschen, ich - ich selber ich habe ihrer mehrere bewohnt und habe nicht gelernt, die Männer zu verfluchen."
Opera you'd rather eat thumbtacks than sit through ever again: Fidelio
"Why won't the Met/my local company put on...": more Janacek? Like every season?
"A perfect role assumption I have seen was...": Fleming's Desdemona. Seriously.
"If I had a time machine...": Mexico City, 1951. Aida: Callas, del Monaco, Dominguez

cut, paste, modify if you're entertained by such foolishness

*...who isn't dead, by the way, so perhaps active/inactive would be a better distinction. Any time Madame Borkh wants to come out of retirement, I shall be first in line to buy tickets.


Princess Alpenrose said...

I'll do yours if you do mine! ...

Meme, that is, do my MEME... I meant to say, "I'll do your MEME if you'll do my MEME."

Sheesh! (ha ha)

Jonathan said...

Here's to more Janacek...bring it! Seriously though, MD, I couldn't agree more.

Princess Alpenrose said...

Alright already, I did it. Memorama, man!

Paul said...

Thanks for the inspiration (via Barbara Baker's blog). Mine's done, too.

Maury D'annato said...

Hooray, it's spreading like a horrible deadly flesh eating virus!

Brett said...

'Tis, for I just posted it!

Anonymous said...

Translated it into italian.